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    • Comparison of Methods for Estimating Damage by Wild Ungulates on Field Crops 

      Drimaj, Jakub; Skoták, Vlastimil; Kamler, Jiří; Plhal, Radim; Adamec, Zdeněk; Mikulka, Ondřej; Janata, Přemysl (MDPI AG (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute-MDPI), 2023)
      High numbers of large ungulates are locally accompanied by high levels of damage to field crops, causing economic losses and increased costs for the protection of agricultural fields. Quantifying the levels of damage can ...
    • The Influence of Forestry Management on the Selection of a Non-Vegetative Diet by the Eurasian Beaver (Castor fiber L.) 

      Mikulka, Ondřej; Pyszko, Petr; Skoták, Vlastimil; Kamler, Jiří; Drimaj, Jakub; Plhal, Radim; Homolka, Miloslav (MDPI AG (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute-MDPI), 2022)
      Native ecosystems have been transformed by humans into cultural landscapes, resulting in the disruption of natural interactions, with some species unable to adapt and disappearing from such landscapes. Other species were ...
    • Winter Food Availability for Wild Herbivores Depending on the Type of Forest Regeneration 

      Skoták, Vlastimil; Turek, Kamil; Kamler, Jiří; Kloz, Jiří; Novotná, Petra (MDPI AG (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute-MDPI), 2021)
      This study compares the amount of available biomass for wild herbivores (red deer (Cervus elaphus L.), roe deer (Capreolus capreolus L.), and hare (Lepus europaeus Pallas)) depending on three different types of forest ...