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    • Initial Fertilization Impact on Norway Spruce Nutrition and Growth in the Krušné Hory Mts 

      Pecháček, Jan; Janoušek, Josef; Dundek, Peter; Vavříček, Dušan (Mendelova univerzita v Brně, 2017)
      The aim of this study consisted in verifying the hypothesis whether the application of tableted fertilizers Silvamix(R) Forte, Silvamix(R) R, Stromfolixyl(R) and calcareous dolomite affected significantly the nutrition and ...
    • Phytophthora, Nothophytophthora and Halophytophthora diversity in rivers, streams and riparian alder ecosystems of Central Europe 

      Corcobado Sánchez, Tamara; Cech, Thomas L.; Daxer, Andreas; Ďatková, Henrieta; Janoušek, Josef; Patra, Sneha; Jahn, Daniella; Hüttler, Christine; Milenković, Ivan; Tomšovský, Michal; Goncalves Horta Jung, Marília do Rosário; Jung, Thomas (Springer Heidelberg, 2023)
      Waterways are ideal pathways for Phytophthora dispersal and potential introduction to terrestrial ecosystems. While many Phytophthora species from phylogenetic clades 6, 9 and 10 are predominant oomycetes in watercourses ...
    • Response of Alnus glutinosa to Phytophthora bark infections at ambient and elevated CO2 levels 

      Macháčová, Markéta; Tomášková, Ivana; Corcobado Sánchez, Tamara; Nagy, Zoltán Árpád; Milanović, Slobodan; Janoušek, Josef; Pešková, Vítězslava; Čepl, Jaroslav; Gezan, Salvador; Nakládal, Oto; Zumr, Václav; Kalyniukova, Alina; Milenković, Ivan; Jung, Thomas (Frontiers Media SA, 2024)
      Introduction: Mortality of the riparian alder population caused by Phytophthora pathogens has been studied for over 20 years throughout Europe, recently gaining more importance in the context of evident climate change. The ...