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    • Elasto-plastic material model of oak at two moisture content levels 

      Tippner, Jan; Milch, Jaromír; Sebera, Václav; Brabec, Martin (Walter de Gruyter GmbH, 2022)
      The mechanical properties of wood show a very high dependence on the moisture content (MC). A consideration of MC in numerical simulations increases the applicability of such prediction with respect to application and ...
    • Using 3D digital image correlation in an identification of defects of trees subjected to bending 

      Tippner, Jan; Praus, Luděk; Brabec, Martin; Sebera, Václav; Vojáčková, Barbora; Milch, Jaromír (Elsevier GmbH, 2019)
      Abrupt changes of climate have intensified during the last few decades, bringing higher risks from tree failures by either uprooting or stem breakage. To eliminate the risks, many techniques of tree assessment are being ...
    • Wood-water interactions of thermally modified, acetylated and melamine formaldehyde resin impregnated beech wood 

      Čermák, Petr; Baar, Jan; Dömény, Jakub; Výbohová, Eva; Rousek, Radim; Pařil, Petr; Oberle, Anna; Čabalová, Iveta; Hess, Dominik; Vodák, Michal; Brabec, Martin (Walter de Gruyter GmbH, 2022)
      The wood-water interactions of modified beech wood (Fagus sylvatica L.) were studied. Specimens were thermally modified at 180 (TM1), 200 (TM2) and 220 degrees C (TM3), acetylated (Acet), and melamine formaldehyde (MF) ...