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    • Growth Response of Sessile Oak and European Hornbeam to Traditional Coppice-with-Standards Management 

      Kadavý, Jan; Adamec, Zdeněk; Uherková, Barbora; Kneifl, Michal; Knott, Robert; Kučera, Aleš; Friedl, Michal; Dařenová, Eva; Skládanka, Jiří; Drápela, Karel (MDPI AG (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute-MDPI), 2019)
      Research Highlights: The influence of litter raking and livestock grazing on the development of juvenile sessile oak and European hornbeam sprouts as well as on sessile oak standards were studied. Such experiments are very ...
    • Soil Microbial Functional Diversity under the Single-Season Influence of Traditional Forest Management in a Sessile Oak Forest of Central Europe 

      Kučera, Aleš; Holík, Ladislav; Rosíková, Jana; Volařík, Daniel; Kneifl, Michal; Vichta, Tomáš; Knott, Robert; Friedl, Michal; Uherková, Barbora; Kadavý, Jan (MDPI AG (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute-MDPI), 2021)
      This one-year study focuses on the responses of a soil environment to the implementation of traditional forest management practices in oak-hornbeam stands with the following treatments: cut (C), cut + litter raking (CR), ...
    • Traditional coppice managements at the landscape level along with recreational use 

      Uherková, Barbora; Kadavý, Jan; Adamec, Zdeněk; Friedl, Michal; Kučera, Aleš; Knott, Robert; Kneifl, Michal; Drimaj, Jakub (Mendelova univerzita v Brně, 2023)
      Our current goals in forestry involve safeguarding the land and environment, optimizing the forest's ability to absorb CO2, maintaining the health and integrity of forest ecosystems, and preserving biodiversity and landscape ...