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    • Development of pH-Responsive Biopolymeric Nanocapsule for Antibacterial Essential Oils 

      Skaličková, Sylvie; Aulichová, Tereza; Venusová, Eva; Skládanka, Jiří; Horký, Pavel (MDPI AG (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute-MDPI), 2020)
      It is generally believed that antibacterial essential oils have the potential to become one of the alternatives in preventing diarrheal diseases of monogastric animals. The disadvantage is their low efficiency per oral due ...
    • Effect of Biosynthesized Silver Nanoparticles on Bacterial Biofilm Changes in S. aureus and E. coli 

      Hosnedlová, Božena; Kabanov, Daniil; Kepinska, Marta; Narayanan, Vedha Hari B.; Parikesi, Arli Aditya; Fernandez, Carlos; Bjørklund, Geir; Nguyen, Hoai Viet; Farid, Awais; Sochor, Jiří; Pholosi, Agnes; Baroň, Mojmír; Jakubek, Milan; Kizek, René (MDPI AG (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute-MDPI), 2022)
      One approach for solving the problem of antibiotic resistance and bacterial persistence in biofilms is treatment with metals, including silver in the form of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs). Green synthesis is an environmentally ...